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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It is Lulu's birthday...Happy Birthday, Lulu! And this is what she got, among other things.
My favorite little gift shop in Claremore, OK...J&J Gifts...has Glamorous Wash.  Now, I'm not going to lie to you, the stuff is expensive, but it is sooo worth it.  I use it to wash my sheets and you have never smelled anything so divine.  Plus, it makes the house smell good, too!  My favorite flavor, I mean scent, is Diva.  My second favorite flavor, (whatever, that's what I like to call it) is Kathina.  Lulu got the Kathina.  You can also choose from High Maintenance, French Market...oh my gosh, I could go on and on and oh, I have. 
Check it out at (Oh, poo, the site is under construction, but most gift shops carry it.  Try back again to buy online or find shops that sell it, cause you're gonna want it!)
Onto the next smelly smell. I have been using diffusers and have been through several, but the thing is, this one, that I bought first from Archipelago, still has oil in it. Hello! I bought it in October! I'm sold. In other rooms, I've gone through two or more in that time and this one is still going and smelling soooo good. Havana flavor, travel size, yeah, the little one. 
And speaking of Archipelago, (I'm sure I pronounce that in some sort of offending hick way, so I apologize. You are lucky you cannot hear me.) below is another product of theirs that I'm hooked on because of the great scent, you know flavor? Milk Body Wash.  Okay, so many of the scents I like are food items, so I'm still going with the flavor thing, but I promise I don't taste them.

This stuff is great for the shower with a handy pump and you will smell good enough to, well, eat.
(See what I mean?)
Now, this site is up and running and I could go on some more about their Pomegranate lotions, etc., but I will spare you for now.  Wait, and the Sugar Bubble Bath, in coconut flavor.  I'm heading to the bubble bath now!

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