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Friday, April 30, 2010

It's a Bloomin' Bloom Fest

I had a request from Daddio to get some pics of the Azaleas.  They are really great this year.  This is our established azalea in our front yard.  Beautimous!  (Sometimes I make up words, so beware.)
Lovely!  (That's a word.)
We like our azaleas so much, we went to buy more.  This is a shot of the expansive selection at Sander's Nursery in Broken Arrow, OK.
We loaded all our goodies on a cart.  I thought it looked pretty.  I was so excited to be there, that these are the only pics I got, sorry.  It is a little overwhelming.  I'm sure we will go back again and I will do better with the pics.
New baby azalea.
New pink baby azalea.
Caged azalea.  We don't want them to run away.  Oh, I mean we don't want the bunnies to eat them.  We have some very hungry bunnies that live in our yard.
Not an azalea, but very beautiful blackberry bloom.  Looks like we are going to have lots this year.
Clematis, I love you!
We have a little sunshine problem through the back porch doors that relfects on Daddio's TV.  So, Clematis to the rescue.  Are they not beautimous?
We are training them up the trellis to block the sunshine.   Daddio is very serious about his TV, nothing should interfere.
They have gone crazy with the blooming, it's like they were meant to bloom.  Heh, heh.
We have three different varieties, purple, pink with pink, and white with pink.  Why have I never grown these before?...they remind me of Daddio's g-mother...she always had some in her yard.
Pot of geraniums, love the geraniums.
Finished product from the plants on the cart above from Sander's. 
Geraniums, petunias, sweet potato, and some spikey thing.
Giving my front porch a splash of color.  Love it!

Last Minute Meal

Really, don't you hate it when you have nothing in mind for dinner? 
One of our standby dinners is ground beef patties with grilled onions.  We always have the ingredients.  And if we have already used the "breakfast for dinner" idea, this one is always good. 

Slice up some onions and add to a hot pan with butter and olive oil.
Sprinkle just a pinch of brown sugar over the onions and stir it up.
Once again, my favorite carmelization process.  It really doesn't take long when you add that pinch of sugar.
Meanwhile, Daddio is seasoning some ground beef patties.  His "secret" ingredients, that everyone knows about are, Lawry's seasoning salt, pepper and garlic.  I snuck over and sprinkled the patties with Worcestershire sauce.  Yum!
Daddio grills.
We like a slice of swiss cheese or pepper jack cheese melted on top.  Then add those delicious, yummy smelling onions while you drool.  Remember the guacamole?  Well, dish it right up as a side and you will think you are in heaven.  Okay, maybe I'm getting a little too excited, but look at it!  Tasty!
 This is also great with fries or mashed potatoes.   Daddio likes to cover the whole thing with brown gravy...he would.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Just so you know, there is nothing that makes me happier than cracking open a great avocado.  Seriously, when they are ripe and beautiful there is just nothing better.

So we are making guacamole here!  Squeeze some citrus on the chunked up avocado.  I really prefer lime juice, but I only had a lemon this day.  Actually, it was some great guacamole, so maybe lemon?  Maybe lime?  Heck, mix them together.  I'm going to try that next time.
Now mash those avocado chucks.
Add chopped tomatoes and chopped green onions, mix together.
Peppers from last year's garden.  They are getting in short supply, but more have been planted.  Chop these and add to the mix.
Mix it all together.  I also add seasoning salt, pepper, and herbs.  I like cilantro, oregano, cumin powder, a little garlic.  Basically, you can just throw in all of your favorite flavors or nothing.  That's what's so great about the guac.
Now pile it high for dipping.  Love this cute little bowl.  Lulu brought it home from Mexico, a long time ago.  They know how to serve up the guac...pretty!  Yummy!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's All Just a Bunch of Fluff

The Chicks are here! 
Can you believe they have been in this little box for 2 days.  It's really amazing.
Group shot...okay, so we have obtained a few more chicks than planned,
but good homes have already been found.See the little silvery/gray spotted chick? That's Sylvia...she looks at the camera when I take the pics. She is super fat and she's my favorite. Personality just oozes from her.
See Spot?...she is a little yellow one in the very back and has a black spot on her just can't see the spot on Spot. Ha.
More Sylvia poses.
 I'm telling you she looks up every time the camera comes around...she's a ham.
This is one of the little black ones...I think this is Pepper.  You know, they are all climbing all over each other and it is really hard to keep track.
Sleeping chick...they just suddenly pass out for a couple of minutes then the hop up and eat again.  Talk about a power nap!  This is Biscuit...she's cute.
This is Ginger...she is serious and has an attitude.
Sunny and Cola
Hey, how many yellow names can you come up with?
Cola getting some snuggles from 2Groovydude.
Do you recall my obsession with Corgi butts? 
Well, now I'm on the chick butts...they are so fat and cute.
This is a Buffy butt.
This is Sylvia's cute little's the best.
And this is Sylvia's sister Brownie...she's all fluffed out and ready for a nap.
Night, night, Brownie.

  Okay, so of course I haven't listed names for all the chicks. Wellllll, we can't tell some of them apart, so all the buff colored chicks are Buffy. You know like George Forman's kids.

More Random Photos

My little friend Willa.  She's pretty.
Frog on our tree.  I call him Waldo.  He's cool.
                        Wysteria blooms.                          
Blooming blueberry bush.

                                  Newly planted cherry tree.                                  
 Newly planted crabapple.

Rock Harvest...see Bloomin' Blooms post.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chicky Update

My pretty chick, Cluck.  I can't help it, she's my favorite. She's sitting on my knee.  How cute!
Cluck and Chuckles pose for a pic.
Cluck riding high on 2Groovydude's shoulder.  The chicks love 2Groovydude.
They follow 2Groovydude wherever he goes.  Then just hang out with him. 
They are literally at his feet.
2Groovydude ran over and sat down and the chicks were sure to follow.
2Groovydude may be a Chick Whisperer?!  Love it! 2Groovydude says, "I am the chick whisperer."
Well, you notice little Coal is not among the chicks, he was definitely a rooster, so he went to live at the big chicken farm. 
New chicks should be arriving soon.