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2groovydude is my groovy son, Ben who loves Legos and any kind of art.  He plays a little guitar and gives me lots of laughs.
Lego Warehouse
Felt mustache dude...wait, is that 2Groovydude?
Groovy, man!
Actually, this is a piece of felt from our last family art workshop, where he made the following quilt block out of felt.  Cool, huh?

 2Groovydude and Scamp

My crazy boy loving the camera.

Lego Creations
Artsy art by 2groovydude at family art class.
Daddio and 2groovydude
 2groovydude and 2hipchick                 
Because I am 2Groovydude's mom, I am obligated to show you some extremely cute older photos.
                                                                      My all time favorite pic.


What can I say?

 My sweet, sweet, sweetest, 2Groovydude.
You are just lucky my digital camera is only 5 years old.  You should see his baby pics.  (I have to learn to use that scanner!)