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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hey, Chicklettes! Hydrangea Bonanza

Hey, Chicks and Dudes!
My computer has been out of comish for a week.   A very long week.
So, sorry for the absence, but you know it makes the heart grow fonder.
So, here is my biggest batch of strawberries.
They have already wound down now.
Aren't they gorgeous?
I have been so busy that the pics are suffering.  But here are some new photos of my current Hydrangea bloomfest.
Oakleaf hydrangea.
It's a monster.
Beauty zoom. 
See the hints of pink on some blossoms?
Two beauties right out the window where my computer sits.
Handy for up-close inspection.
Some are blue.
Some are pink.
Some like to mix it up.
And an occasional renegade purple. 
Those zany hydrangeas. 
What can you do?


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  1. I love the hydrangeas!

  2. Thanks we love them, too. I've got more bloom photos coming, but i have been really lazy since returning from vacation...i will get with it soon, i hope.