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Monday, April 12, 2010

Eggs & Salami

Ooh, yummy!  If you've never had salami with eggs, you are in for a treat.  The salami is so good and salty and garlicky.  We scored some fresh eggs from one of our chicken buddies, so we had to fix them up, right away.
Chop three to four slices of salami.  I pre-cooked the slices, so they would already be crispy.
Chop 3 to 4 small green onions.
And go ahead and add some more garlic.  Garlic and eggs, I promise, it is tasty.
Whip up those eggs.
Add the yummy ingredients, plus salt and pepper, lots of pepper.
Pour the mix in a non-stick skillet and spread the ingredients around, so you get a little goodness in every bite.  By the way, this is my favorite spatula.  It is from Whole Foods Market.  I know you are shocked.
Fold the eggs over after they set up and cook them like you like 'em.
Serve them up!  You will be happy.  And yes, Daddio added a side of bacon because he loves pig.
Breakfast for dinner, can't beat it!

Salami & Eggs

3 large eggs
4 slices of salami, chopped
4 small green onion, chopped
1 T. garlic
Salt & pepper, to taste
1 t. olive oil

Whip eggs then add remaining ingredients, except for olive oil.  Add olive oil to heated non-stick skillet.  Pour in eggs and cook until set, folding until cooked .

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