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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What?! More New Chicks!

Okay, so Daddio and 2hipchick lost a few chickies, as you read in the last post.
And Sylvia has become Sylvester and Pepper,
well, can still be Pepper, but in rooster form.
I am so, not kidding!
They were both roosters.  We caught on when the crowing started.  Well, I was in denial for a couple of weeks, but I finally heard and saw it for myself and could not deny.
They have been transported to the country chicken ranch.
I hear that Sylvester has taken up with a guinea and Pepper sleeps under the porch.
Sounds like they are okay.
We will miss you,
Stupid Roosters!

After all that trauma, we had to get more.  You never want to run low on the chicks!
2Groovydude greeting the chicks...this is Scamp.
Here they are straight form the Post Office.  I still can't believe these little guys just get mailed off when they have only been hatched for a few hours. 
What a way to start life! 
They have even ridden on an airplane, which makes 2Groovydude very jealous...he hasn't done that!
The girls are not having a hard time keeping warm, since it has been in the mid 90's here since they arrived.  Believe or not, we still have to keep a heat lamp on at night to keep them warm enough.
They are just little babies, you know?
She has a diamond shape on  her head.
My grandma was named Rosie. 
Diamond and Rosie and very fast blurry chicks.
They make my photo shoots very frustrating.
Gracie...she's gray...get it?
Line for the water trough. 
 Obviously, Rosie and Diamond are the most interested in getting photographed.
Scamp steps up to the photo plate again.
This is Scout, she has an hour glass spot on her head...we are sure she must be the Dominique, because we remember that with the last chicks.
Gracie has Cleopatra eyes.  It looks like she went a little wild with the eyeliner.
Racoon?  Maybe?
Rosie, baby!
Chicken dance! 
Everybody shake those tailfeathers!
With all the chick excitement, 2Groovydude and Ruby would just like you to know that they are still around and have some new photos on their pages. 
Here's a little preview. 
Check it out!  They are feeling left out.

2Groovydude's Lego warehouse owned by Patrick and Sponge Bob.
Ruby in the "Rub my belly" pose. 
Sometimes she just sleeps like this, in case someone walks by and would like to oblige.
What cutie pies!


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I llike that lip stuff, too.
Buzz over to their website and
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  1. Tell Ben we love the Lego warehouse!!!

  2. Hey I made it this far for the first time.....