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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bring Home the Farmer's Market

This is the basket I told you about in the Farmer's Market post.  We filled it with plants while we were at the market, so it was instantly useful.  I haven't tried it yet, but you can wash it out with water and while wet it can be shaped into any shape you desire.  I'm going to try round.
Here is the lavendar plant that we bought, it should come back every year.  At the market the mature plants had beautiful blooms, the little girl who sold it to me said it takes a couple of seasons to get the blooms.
Rosemary.  I found out from the lady at this booth that there is hardy rosemary that will come back next year.  Who knew!  Great, no replanting next spring!
She also told me to snip the ends of the rosemary and four new shoots will form.  So snip, snip.
Herb garden...I have oregano on the left with some chives and sage on the right that come back every year.  Now we've added the lavendar and little herb garden just grows and grows.  We also planted some marjoram and thyme.
Look at this other cool plant I found.  It is a Jade plant.  I liked the color and shape.  It requires no sun, so it will live on my back porch, then you bring it inside in the fall for a house plant.  The pictures at the market shows that it gets quite large.  Love it!

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