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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Farmer's Market Opening Day!

Daddio and 2Hipchick check out the first Farmer's Market weekend.
The first market stop was at a mainly plant/herb type scene.  Lots of locally grown flowers, herbs, veggies of all kinds.

Look at all the plants, we love this stuff.

Herbs galore! 

And the basket man!  I looked at these baskets last year and did not buy one.  I did not make that mistake this year.  They are so cool.  Somehow over our busy weekend I lost the little card telling about the baskets, but you can see the sign in the picture and I know they are from Africa and made from elephant grass.  You can wet them and shape them into different shapes...round, oblong, etc.  Cute!  I got the big one.
Daddio in a tomato plant buying frenzy.
We really liked this booth, because they had pictures of the tomato fruits.  So you can tell if they look like what you like to eat.  Very cool.
Oh my gosh....succulents.  You know how I love these.  Aren't they so interesting?
Lavender,  ooh smells good.  We got a lavendar plant also.  I'm so excited!
Check out your local Farmer's Market.  They have things you would never find other places.
Like these Made in Oklahoma products.  Last year I bought the Augusto's Green Sauce and the Apricot Spread.  So, I went back for more of both of those and tried some Trader Dave's pickles. 
First, I have to gush about the Green Sauce...I love this stuff...I have eaten it with every meal since Saturday.  I am not kidding!  It is the best creamy, spicy, cilantro goodness of all time.  I use it for dip, salad dressing, sandwich name it. 

Okay, so the Apricot spread and pickles are great also and made in my home state.  The Apricot spread is Daddio's disappears, quickly.  There is no website for the spread, but it is made for: 
The Toomey's Black and Blue Thornless Berry Farm; 22629 E. 61st; Broken Arrow, OK 74014
(918) 595-5881
  The pickles are spicy and sweet and have a great crunch.  I like crunch. 
Find them at
Buy local!

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