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Thursday, April 1, 2010


A few days ago our Yoshina cherry tree bloomed.  Wow!
It is beautiful, it has more blooms on it this year than ever.
My hyacinth also bloomed out when I wasn't looking.  The little green leaf buds in the background are the hydrangea.
This is a sedum.  I really like these plants because they will grow anywhere.  This one is called "live forever" or that's what I've been told.  The ones called that at the plant store don't look like this one.  My friend Laura B. gave this one to me and I just keep breaking it off and starting new ones, another great thing about sedums.
This sedum is called Angelina with the yellow tips. If I was going to plant only one it would be this one, because it just stands out and catches your eye.

The one below is smaller than the live forever and a deeper green.
  This one is like the angelina, but in a spruce color.  I like the variations in color that you can find, something for everyone.
The reason I have come to like them so much is that they are succulant plants that will grow in my rock garden. We have killed numerous plants on a little slope in our front yard, but all these varieties of sedum are growing and spreading like crazy. Not much water is required and they are tough cookies.

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