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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Yummy Muffin

I was complaining to a co-worker how hungry
 I was after eating cereal one morning and she told me about this muffin recipe.
Protein packed and keeps you from being hungry until lunch.
You will be amazed.
It's called Muffin in a Minute (MIM) from the Atkins Diet website.

Find a mug and mix dry ingredients: Flax meal, baking powder, cinnamon.
Then add egg, and sweetener.
So, this recipe as it stands is a little dry and not that tasty.
To make it really great, add a tablespoon of some kind of nut butter.
My friend uses soy nut butter.
My favorite is almond butter, but peanut butter is also good.
(I actually like anything that ends in the word butter.)
I haven't tried others, but any would work.
I also don't like artificial sweetener, so I add a
tablespoon of honey to mine.
Mix everything well and place in microwave for 1 minute.

Here it is out of the microwave.
Run a knife around the edge and dump out the muffin.

How cute!
Little mug muffin.

Cut in half and butter.

Follow the link below for the original recipe.
You can try variations to get the taste you like.
Check out the pumpkin alternative below.


And if you are still in the mood for pumpkin, the site below has recipe for pumpkin MIM.

New Chicks in Revue

Awhhh!  Look at them, the new baby chicks.
This is our new batch of babies.
Of course, the last batch of babies took forever to produced any eggs.
We were thinking they were just for looks.

We have six new girls that are very cute as you can see.

We have two new buffy's.

The babies with dark feathers fade right into the shadows,
but I assure you that they are very cute also.

The babies first trip to the outdoors.
Daddio just throws them in a bucket then dumps them.
And yes, the fact that there is chicken in a bucket was not lost on me.
The colonel will never see these chicks.

They grow so fast!

Those babies can't get all the glory.
Here's the rest of the crew.
The not-so-baby babies have started laying eggs now.
We have four girls earning their keep.

Chuckles and Ginger. 
They are the only girls left from the first batch of chicks we
started with originally.

Chocolate and Misty are  the same breed in different colors.
Golden and Silver-laced Wyandottes.
Oh my, do you know how many breeds of chickens there are?
Check out if you are interested in getting your own.
They are very reliable and helpful.
Check out some of the funky chickens.
Or do the funky chicken if you feel like it.

This is Miss Goldie.
  She is our Easter egger.
We are hoping for some green eggs.
That is, if she's not a rooster.
She's got a lot of attitude, but no crowing yet.
Keeping our fingers crossed.
I really like green eggs.

This is Chip.
She is Chocolate's buddy.
Get it?

We think she is the proud owner of our speckled eggs.
They are almost as good as green.

Well, there's the latest on the chicks.
The baby babies are out with the big chicks now and we only have one getting picked on.
Those girls can be so cranky!
Daddio makes sure everyone is treated right.
I used the last speckled egg for breakfast this morning, but I will get some pics for you soon.
They are so cute!

Oh yeah!
Happy Thanksgiving!