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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lazy Dog Wrestling

I am compelled to share a little portion of what my mornings are like.
Daddio takes off at the butt crack of dawn.
(I love to say that.)
I send 2Groovydude off on the bus, then it's just me and the dogs.
Here is an example of some antics they get into while I am getting ready.
I call it, "Lazy Dog Wrestling", because they are so lethargic.
No, the video is not in slow-motion.
Try not to fall asleep.
It is humorous, however.

Stars of the Show:

Rhubarb the Roughhouser

She's confident.

Belle the Fearless

She's wolfy.

Do you not wonder what's going through their mind, sometimes?
We probably don't want to know.

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