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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All Hail the Hosta

Hosta Heaven.
That's what I'm trying to create here at the chicken farm.
I really like them.
They are just so....interesting.
They like the shade that we have a lot of around here.

Here's my blue one.
(I've told you before that if you want the real technical names for plants...this is not the place.)
It looks so cool and collected.

This is a transplant from last year.
(It's a green one.)
That is the really great thing.
Once you get these babies going, you can divide them and put them everywhere.

If you look closely there is a bloom shooting up.
Oh yeah, and they bloom.
Another hosta bonus.

Here's my chartreuse baby.
Don't tell the others, but this color is my favorite.
Also a transplant to the back yard.

Another beautiful baby.

So here are the original big daddies.
We planted these about six years ago.
They are looking great.

I like these two colors together also.
These are in the front yard and we are dividing them to add more to the back.
(When I say "we" I mean Daddio.)
See?  It is a plant investment.  Buy the original and they make more for you.

A few days later...the little bud I showed you above?
Now a real bloom.
So pretty, just like a snow drop.
Does snow drop? 
Anyway, you know what I mean.

Oh, my gosh, I love plants!

And look, my rosie bush is blooming.
Yeah, this has nothing to do with hostas, but I was walking by and it was begging for a pic.

So try some hostas, they are very low maintenance.
I mean, I'm growing them, so you can too!

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