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Friday, April 30, 2010

It's a Bloomin' Bloom Fest

I had a request from Daddio to get some pics of the Azaleas.  They are really great this year.  This is our established azalea in our front yard.  Beautimous!  (Sometimes I make up words, so beware.)
Lovely!  (That's a word.)
We like our azaleas so much, we went to buy more.  This is a shot of the expansive selection at Sander's Nursery in Broken Arrow, OK.
We loaded all our goodies on a cart.  I thought it looked pretty.  I was so excited to be there, that these are the only pics I got, sorry.  It is a little overwhelming.  I'm sure we will go back again and I will do better with the pics.
New baby azalea.
New pink baby azalea.
Caged azalea.  We don't want them to run away.  Oh, I mean we don't want the bunnies to eat them.  We have some very hungry bunnies that live in our yard.
Not an azalea, but very beautiful blackberry bloom.  Looks like we are going to have lots this year.
Clematis, I love you!
We have a little sunshine problem through the back porch doors that relfects on Daddio's TV.  So, Clematis to the rescue.  Are they not beautimous?
We are training them up the trellis to block the sunshine.   Daddio is very serious about his TV, nothing should interfere.
They have gone crazy with the blooming, it's like they were meant to bloom.  Heh, heh.
We have three different varieties, purple, pink with pink, and white with pink.  Why have I never grown these before?...they remind me of Daddio's g-mother...she always had some in her yard.
Pot of geraniums, love the geraniums.
Finished product from the plants on the cart above from Sander's. 
Geraniums, petunias, sweet potato, and some spikey thing.
Giving my front porch a splash of color.  Love it!

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