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Friday, April 9, 2010

Bloomin' Blooms

Everytime I take a walk around our place, I see more things blooming out.  We are finding strawberry blooms already.  We transplanted a large portion of the strawberries to the herb garden.  The first year, it is necessary to pinch the blooms off to establish the plants.  Do you know how hard it is to grab those little blooms and pick them off?  Well, it's pretty hard.  But we still have the old patch that will have berries this year.
The creeping flox, showing some blooms, below.  We also grow rocks on our place. The one in this picture is nice and mossy.  All of our flower beds are lined with native rock.  We gather the rocks and after a few months and a few rains more rocks grow.  They rise right up out of the ground, I never knew.  I have friends come and pick their rocks and more keep coming.  If you need some rocks, let me know.
Remember the Angelina sedum from a few posts back?  Well, here it is under the blooming Redbud tree.  They look pretty together.  This is our main rock garden where we grow the sedums and rocks, of course.
Behind the rock garden is our vegetagle garden, through the gate.  There you will find the oregano really coming on.  It is a perennial that comes back every year.  Plant some, it is great in all kinds of dishes.  We have asparagus also, but it is not very photogenic.  (I will have to set up a studio shot for it, lights, camera, make-up.)  We had a small portion for dinner the other night and it is quite tasty, just not too good lookin'.

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