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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ramp It Up!

Daddio has been helping build ramps for people in need for several years through a program in Tulsa, OK called Kirk Carpenters from Kirk of the Hills church.  Now we are attending First United Methodist in Claremore, OK and had an opportunity to build a ramp in that community.  Well, Daddio knew what to do, of course.  Here is our first ramp project.
Early morning arrival at the home where the ramp will be installed.
This is Margie.  Margie needs a ramp to access her home.
Daddio and 2Groovydude setting up shop for the project.

Steve and Jeff remove the current porch railing, so the ramp can be installed.
First porch platform frame installed. 
Laurie, in the background with the shovel, put this form together with a very little help from me.  That girl can swing a hammer and I want her to get credit, because I was her helper and couldn't take pictures while I was holding boards for her to hammer.  I'm not sure I could even be called a helper, but I did get lots of pics while I was being useless.
Now the boys are setting the posts for the ramp. 
Ramp frame being installed. And yes, this was another product of Laurie's, that she completed while I was getting in her way.  But, I did help dig the hole, that the ramp has to sit down in, to get the proper slope.  Or I should say, I attempted to dig a hole, then the guys came over and finished it.  Seriously, I'm just the one taking the pics.
2Groovydude got pretty good at hammering those nails also.
Bob and Daddio put the platform for the ramp in place.  A perfect fit, yeah Daddio!
A few more nails to secure.
2Groovydude and Laurie work together to get the job done.  I never knew you could lounge and hammer nails at the same time.  Leave it to 2Groovydude.
Now more posts for the railings.
Next the outdoor carpeting is glued down.  Steve did a great job cutting the carpet to size.
The ramp is complete and Margie is a happy lady.  I should mention that Steve and Bob also put a railing on Margie's back steps, but I was around front and did not get any pics.  Oops.
Thanks to all you cool cats who volunteered to help Ramp it Up!

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