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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Garden Fever

Today was a warm day where i live around 70 degrees. Therefore, we came down with garden fever. Daddio and i have had a garden for the last several years and we love it. So, i was walking around the garden wall and saw my shadow that looked so long and lean. Believe me, it's just an illusion, but i thought it would make a cool pic, and so it did.
The nice thing about a raised garden wall (other than it is fun to trot around on) is that you can go pick the tomatoes right at waist height and it doesn't kill your back. It is also good for sitting on while you watch Daddio pull weeds. that's my favorite passtime. Usually, he notices after a while and puts me to work. It is fun while it lasts.

This is the original raised garden that we put in a few years ago. Then Daddio figured out that i plant so many herbs that he doesn't have room for vegetables, so he added on the little herb garden below. By the way, that is Daddio in the background on his tractor. He was cutting back the maiden's hair grass, so it can start growing in the spring.

You can't really tell, but right here in the bottom half of the herb section is our new strawberry patch. I'm telling you, i am salivating just talking about this stuff. I guess you have to move your strawberries every so many years to prevent disease, whatever. Anyway, this is their new spot. They used to be in the big garden, but Daddio has reduced them to herbage.

Are these the ugliest things you've ever seen? Yup, potatoes. Hard to believe that yummy mashed and baked potatoes come from this humble beginning. life is strange.

Red onions, shallots, sweet onions! Just wait until the tomatoes get here. I will be gushing about that in a few months also.
Pics of my lettuce seed packets that i am going to put in the ground and then scarf up soon.
Oh yeah, i can taste my fresh salad now!

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