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Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Gift Idea

My friend had a baby shower this weekend and registered for this basket and blanket at Pottery Barn Kids.
I love baskets because you can fix them up and fill them with nifty things.

When 2grooydude was a baby I used Burt's Bees products, because they smell sooooo good.  Found this cute little number at Target.  Love Target!
Wow, a basket in a basket!  Double fun for me.
The real item you need to check out here is the milk bath in the bottle beside the basket.  I just used that for me.  The baby doesn't appreciate it, but I do.  It is the best smelling, skin softening bath product, ever.
Oh yeah, we were talking about gifts.  I got lost in a fantasy of actually having time to take a bath.  If wishes could come true.  So, you notice here, I just packed it all up in the sack that came from Pottery Barn.  (Well, they picked it out especially at the store, because the stuff fits in it.) Cheap?  Lazy?....No, no. Environmentally conscious?  Yes!

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