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Monday, March 22, 2010


Winter Wonderland on the first day of Spring?
A few blogs ago I found some pics of a cardinal in the snow.  (Clicks label:  Hungry Cardinal)  I think I said that "I sort of like winter and I'm going to miss it"?  Well, here it is again, in March.  I'm not sure i really meant it...but Daddio did make chili.  (See the recipe in the previous Flips blog.)
Look at the poor chicken coop that we carried out in the yard the day before when it was 70 degrees.  (Don't worry the chicks aren't in there.  They are safe and warm.)
I was also just saying that I was ready to start sitting on my porch again, now that the weather is getting warmer.  Brrrr!

This little robin was having a great time...I stalked it for a long time before it slowed down enough for me to get a pic.
Look at this fat little robin.  Doesn't mind the snow at all.
2Groovydude spends his snowy days in a bathrobe in my bed, eating pretzels, and building Legos.  Smart and groovy, dude!
2Hipchick spends a snowy day drinking cinnamon coffee, cinnamon tea, or whatever else I can find to make into a hot drink.  Daddio and Rhubard sleep for hours.  (I did not snap their photos, as not to disturb.  They were very thankful.)
It may have been the last fireplace day of the season.  Now, that does make me sad and miss winter, but I think I'm over it now.  Bring on the spring!

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