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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I took these pics the day were planting in the garden.  Little sprouts coming up all over.  These are crocus busting through the earth.
Here are my hen and chicks...not the real ones...the plant.  I love these because they are so old fashioned.  I can remember one of our neighbors having these when I was a kid outside her kitchen.
Just two days later, the crocus are out of control.  I have a whole row of these and they look so green and spring against all the dead, dry leaves and grass.  Beautiful!
Since we are in the clicks section I have to show you the first pic I took of the crocus, below.  Looks washed out.  I went to a digital camera class yesterday and the guy said, "If you don't like it, go try again."  Since it is digital, you can just make adjustments until you get it like you like it.  Of course, we are talking about a plant.  Rhubard, 2groovydude and most other subjects are not so patient with me.  This was worth the extra shot.  I just played around with the exposure setting until it came out like the pic above.
So, I can ask your forgiveness here for some of my fuzzy, lopsided, and just otherwise un-cool photos.  But you have to give me credit for trying to learn something how to take amazing photos.  I just wouldn't call all of them amazing, but sometimes they accidentally turn out.  Yeah!

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