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Saturday, March 6, 2010


Yes, bagels and cream cheese are tasty, but i want to tell you about the little wooden tweezers.

The cream cheese recipe is in my Flips section, if you are hungry.

This is a handy kitchen tool. I bought them from Pampered Chef a long time ago. What i use them for mostly, is fishing these little bagels out of my toaster when it is burning hot. They can also be used to fish things out of boiling soup pots, etc.

Mainly they are great because they are wooden and it is not wise to stick metal things in your toastser.

I checked out the Pampered Chef website and did not find them. (I told you I bought them a long time ago.) They did have some bamboo tongs that would probably work. If you know one of those Pampered Chef ladies, you should ask.

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