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Thursday, March 18, 2010

2New Chicks!!!

Our 2new chicks have arrived!  We are starting out with three.
We brought them home in a tiny box.
2Groovydude is the primary caretaker.
Here they are in the brooder with a screen to keep them in and keep Rhubarb (the big bad wolf) out.
This is Coal.  She looks brown under the brooder lights, but she's really black.
This is Cluck.  Isn't she pretty?
This is Chuckles.  She is definitely the most interesting because of her coloring.
Now, you notice we are bringing the chicks home in a box.  Our chicks we ordered online will not be here until April 16th.  We couldn't wait any longer.  We had to have chicks, now!  So these are our practice chicks until the rest come.  The interesting twist to this story is, we had to get straight run chicks.  That means they don't know if they are male or female.  I will call them "girls" and "she" until proven otherwise.  However, Coal is showing some obnoxious rooster leanings already.  ???

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