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Saturday, March 27, 2010


The Bee's are here!  Lulu (eldest daugher who has already flown the coop) gave Daddio bees for the garden for his birthday.  The bees arrived this week.
The canister contains orchard mason bees.  They are not honey bees, but they will pollinate the plants in our garden.  Cool, huh?
This is the Mason Bee House.  (We call it the bee hut.)
Daddio placed the bee hut in the corner of the covered porch.
This is a shot from below of the bamboo tubes where the bees will live and reproduce.  The tubes sticking out are the current bees, and the other hollow tubes are for future generations.  Now the bees and I can buzz on the porch with morning coffee.
Visit for more info on the bees.

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