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Friday, September 17, 2010

Dog Gush and New Puppy

If you are not a dog lover, then you might just want to turn away.
Rhubarb is the cutest dog, ever!
She is here to be served...Queen Rhubarb, her highness.
Cuddler for the cutest boy.
Ever ready for a scratch behind the ears.
She looks really freaked out here.  I'm not sure what was going on.
Have I mentioned she has the cutest Corgi butt?
Oh yeah, I've mentioned it.   But really, take a look.
Cute, huh?
The nubbin tail is really the cute part.  Especially when she wags it.
Okay, all this gushing over Rhubarb to also let you know we have a new family member.
I didn't want the Rubes to feel left out.
Because we went totally crazy and got one of these!
A new puppy...Blu Belle.
Oh, my! She is beautiful.
Belle...that's what we call a Miniature Australian Shepard.
She's a Blue Merle with two blue eyes.
Just what Daddio has always wanted.
She is a great leaf mulcher.  I'm not sure why? 
Sounds dry and tasteless to me.
This is the pre-pouncing look. 
 I've seen it before and it is always followed by a pouncing.
Beautiful Belle.
Meet our newest family member or critter?
She's a keeper.
She only kept us up for four nights.
Welcome to the chicken ranch, Belle.

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