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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Summer Beauty Remembered

Summer has come and gone.
I love's my favorite season, but gosh, summer is so pretty.
Wanted to share some clicks that never got published.
Or if they did, I forgot.
2Groovydude says I forget a lot!

I think this is a fuzzy caterpillar.
Outer space alien?
 2Groovydude checked it out.
He doesn't know.
Very interesting.
Day Lily
Oh, beauty!
 Another flavor of Day Lily
 Oak Leaf Hydrangea
Crazy dog relaxation pose.
Rocket Dog?
Cracking me up?
 Closer view.
Me, laughing out loud!
Rabbit's feet?
It's killing me.
 That little pooper.
She is just gorgeous!
 Shhhh...she's sleeping.
Thank goodness she sleeps, because when she's awake she's a holy terror.
(That's not really true, she has been pretty good, but she has her moments.)
She has the ability to escape a pen that Rhubarb has never escaped.
Plus, she actually has some legs, for jumping and climbing, unlike the Rubes.
(Refer to rocket dog photo above.)
Back to beauty...take a few deep breaths.
Hydrangea bliss.
Fuzzy, but great color, don't you think?
Oh, my!
How can something be so perfectly, perfect?
  Wow, I feel much better now...and we had a puppy poop incident during my blogging.
But, I still feel better just getting in some nature.


Okay, I'm sure I've mentioned Anthropologie before, but we are getting a store close to where I live!
I am very excited about shopping their sale racks.
Let me share my shopping philosophy:
Just head straight for the sale rack and don't look anywhere else.
Keeps me out of trouble.
Yikes...I can't wait!

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