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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Friends at Last and Puppy Pounce Video, ya!

They have finally come to an agreement.
The dogs can live in the same house.
I was wondering there for a while.
I'm not sure who is the alpha girl, but Rhubarb lets Blu Belle have her way most of the time.

Exhausted Puppy
 Friendly game of tug-of-war.
So, you are seeing it here first.
2Hipchick's very 1st posted video
Puppy Pounce
Rhubarb was also going to be in the video, but she ran off the see the neighbor dogs.
2Groovydude makes an appearance along with the voices of 2Hipchick and Daddio.
Do you ever listen to your recorded voice?
It's just not right.


Maybe this is a little freaky, but I love stuff like this!
Bodies: The Exhibition
is coming to Tulsa
October 29th
Very educational!

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