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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good Deed

Daddio likes to do good deeds.
His favorite is installing wheel chair ramps, but today, just porch railings.
Is this the coolest old house?
I'm loving it.
Our little lady who owns the home was not feeling well today, so no pics.
She was very happy with her railings, however.
Such a sweetie.
 Greeting cat
 Side porch our sweet little lady was using and trash can (with wheels) she was using for handrail.
 Daddio and 2Groovydude unloading supplies.
 More supplies.
2hipchick also does a tiny part in these good deeds.
Mainly, I take pics.
But don't worry, I got my hands dirty.
 My job, along with 2Groovydude, was to mix the concrete to set the porch railings.
I have to say, we are pretty good little mixers.
I had to use muscles.
Those muscles were sore from yoga.
I whined, a little.
 Measure twice, cut once.
 This would be the cutting part.
 Clean-up crew. 
I showed him the shirt trick.
 Finished product with cute little boy. 
He was not included, we did take him home with us.
2Groovydude looks so proud.
First United Methodist in Claremore found our lady in need.
Daddio came to the rescue.
Along with our church, another good deed done.
Do a good deed!
It will make your day!

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