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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Update and 2Groovy Smoothie

We did it!
We dug out and left our home.
It was extremely frightening and I wished we hadn't done it.
But we made it back safe and sound, so now I'm glad.

Daddio in the trenches.

This took three adults one hour to complete.
It was hard.
I was one of the adults.
Snow shoveling burns over 400 calories in one hour.
(Really, I entered it in my calorie counter app.)

We did get out and make a grocery store run.
We were not technically out of food, but we could not stand to be at the house one more day.
We ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant and it was the best Mexican food I have ever tasted.
We got back home and the Mazda ended up in the ditch.
I say to Daddio, "At least it was the ditch in front of our house and not out on the highway."
He did not seem comforted.
That was yesterday.
Mazda is out of the ditch and the sun is shining today.
The snow plow also came to our neighborhood.
It was like Christmas.
It warmed my heart and lifted the mood of all neighbors.
And guess what?  More snow in the forecast.

Even Ms. Cluck stuck her head out of the coop.

Look at their little igloo. 
These girls are doing the best they can to stay warm.
Daddio has packed up their coop with hay and snow.
They are doing okay.

Ninja Belle coming at Rhubarb in  a power pounce.
They seemed unconcerned with the snow and freezing temperatures.
Anytime is a good time for a wrestling match.

We have been frozen outside, so what does 2Groovydude ask to make?
A frozen smoothie.

When you have not been to school all week because
of snow, you become very creative
and hungry.
I do not know what this face is about.
Probably his mom being too bossy.

Two berries, strawberry and blueberry
Powdered milk
Orange juice
Crushed ice

2Groovydude adds the ice and juice first,
because it blends better with the liquid on bottom.
That's the theory.

All the remaining ingredients added.

Blend, blend.
Look at your mom like she's annoying you.

The liquid theory did not quite live up.
More juice to keep the blend alive.

Thick and berrilicious!
(My spell checker says this is not a word, but you know what I mean.)
Wow, I have never made a smoothie that thick.
2Groovydude has got it going on.

Now there's a face for a mother to love.
Happy with smoothie.

2Groovy Smoothie
1 cup orange juice
1 cup crushed ice
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup frozen blueberries
1/3 cup powdered milk

First, add liquid and ice to blender.  (I increased the liquid for you, but feel free to add more if the blender bogs down.) Add remaining ingredients and blend. (Less juice will be needed for fresh berries.)  Pour in glass and enjoy.

Today we are gearing up for more ice and snow. 
I don't know how much more I can take.
I'm thinking of going to Alaska where it is warmer
and there is less snow.
Seriously, that's what they said on the news.

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