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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blizzard Warning!

Yes, we had a blizzard warning in Oklahoma!
But, that is not the warning I'm talking about.
It is the "Trapped in my house Warning".
I have discovered that it takes two days to make me get cabin fever.
I know some of you did not even last that long.
I do, however, have some great recipes coming your way.
I've had nothing else to do.

The first day, as you see, was fun and the snow was coming down.
Just an unexpected day off.
It was nice.

Crazy, man!  Belle and 2Groovydude go for a chicken check.
The chicks did not travel far from the house this day for sure.
They are still laying eggs, though, suprisingly.
Many of the eggs are freezing before we can get to them.
It is about 23 degrees at our house right now and was down to 3 below last night.

They made it through the trek back in low visibility.
It's only about 150 yards, so I wasn't too worried.

Next day, there was clean-up and other chores
to keep the boys and dogs occupied.
Daddio shoveled a path to the chicky hut and a path for the chickies
to get to their feed and water.
A couple came out, but mostly they stayed in their house.
Smart chicks.

2Groovydude waist deep in the snow and Belle coming to the rescue.
We have drifts around our house as deep at 36 inches.
Although, I have a feeling there may have been a little drama going on.

Newly shoveled deep path. 
A little wave from 2Groovydude.
I think he was mostly frozen at this point.

So, today all of the work I needed to catch up on was done yesterday.
The boys and dogs are bored.
We really want to get out of here.
But we can't.
Daddio tried.
Send good thoughts our way.
We need it.

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