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Monday, September 6, 2010

Chickens...the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The Good...our little Miss Chuckles is laying eggs.
I'm so proud of her.
She's such a little skinny thing. 
She is one of the bantams and her eggs are so little.
Actually, not as small as I thought they would be considering she is so small.
Chuckle's egg preparing to be eaten.
Comparison to our other chickie egg. 
Just a little puny, not too bad.

The Bad...chickens have lots of issues.
Raccoons eat their feed.
Snakes eat their eggs.
Major snake kill last week when 2hipchick opened the nesting box and found him.
Daddio took care of the situation. 
Mr. snake was getting a couple of eggs a day.

Hawks kill my babies.
The Ugly....we lost some chickens this week to a murderous hawk.
A real serial killer.
Three of my babies in two days.
2Groovydude and I are on hawk patrol.
We know when he strikes and we are armed with our BB gun.
We actually did scare him off on the third day when we were determined not to lose another chick.
Now we have a totally enclosed pen to prevent a total massacre.

So we have to say good-bye to Ms. Copper
Miss Rosie
And Miss Gracie, on the right.
Wow, this is too sad!
Mean old hawk.
Just another week in the lives of some chicken farmers.


Tulsans Raise Urban Chickens

When you have some time, check out this news video clip.
You will have to search "Urban Chickens" on the site.
I could not download video or link for you for some reason.
Very informative about us city slickers trying to raise chicks.
Select - 1. Tulsans Raise Urban Chickens
under search results
That will take you straight to video.

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