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Thursday, March 11, 2010


The UPS man brought our chicken coop yesterday.  We were so excited.  It was just like Christmas.  The UPS man said he'd never delivered a chicken coop before.  Wow, we told him we were glad to give him new life experiences.  (Wait until the actual chickens come, he'll be freaked out.  We didn't tell him.)
This is not that exciting of a picture.  (I was a little camera happy.) However, I left it in, because I just had to comment on Daddio's choice of footwear.  Thongs and socks, there is something just wrong about that.  We could say, that in his rush to see the new chicken coop, he just threw something on.  Well, I've seen this before, so we cannot say that.
Now we are talking, actual chicken coop looking stuff. 
Taking shape, I can't believe how cute it is!
2Groovydude discovered the arrival and wanted to "help".  In case you didn't figure it out, he's clucking and flapping his wings.
More "help" from 2Groovydude, showcasing the nest area.  He is not shy in front of the camera.
Now, can you say, you have ever seen a cuter chicken coop?  Yes, I understand you would never have a reason to say that, but now you do!
It would really be great if we had some chickens...guess they are still hatching...where ever they are.


  1. This is really awesome!! How big is the yard you keep them in around it? How do you keep animals out? Sorry I haven't had time to really look and see how old they were when they started laying, so how long did it take? You most definitely are a Martha!!! I had a Martha Stewart at a Lucille Ball - can't mess this recipe up, party!!! What was I thinking!! Ha!

  2. We have a corner of our yard fenced off and we have had to add a top covering to keep the hawks out. the chicks actually have not started laying yet. we expect eggs sometime around October. it takes about six mos to start laying.
    if i'm a Martha...i'm a really lazy one.
    thanks for the comment and becoming a follower...sorry it took so long to comment on your commnent...just got back from Florida. It was oil spill...yet.