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Monday, July 5, 2010


Now, let's talk about all the things I "didn't" know about chicks.
Or more like all the things that want to get my chicks.
I'm sorry to say that we have lost a couple of chicks to a big bad old owl.
Mean old owl, find your food some where else!
First, Cola just went missing...we never knew what happened.
Then my niece, Hil, saw the owl swoop down and get fluffy.
On the way down to check things out, Hil ran into the snake that has been hanging around the chicken pen.
(I was on the phone with Hil, who was house sitting, and she screamed, real loud!)
There's just all kinds of crazy things going on around the henhouse, I'm telling you.
We have put up a netting over our little babies to protect them from the owl.
Has the snake just been around and knows that there will be eggs for him to steal?
And so far no eggs, (they should be old enough to lay eggs sometime in Sept/Oct)
So, Mr. snake protection will have to come later.

So on to the update of the chicks still in attendance.

Pepper has grown a comb and waddle.
Daddio swears he heard cock-a-doodle-do.
2hipchick has not heard this and thinks Daddio may be losing it.
I hope Dominiques just grow these quicker than other breeds.
Pepper, we can't have roosters!
I looked up pics and I think "she" is still in.
My Cluck!  She runs to see me when I go outside!
I love her.
She hops up in my lap when we are chick watching.
(We have chairs by the henhouse and sit and watch the chicks every evening.)
Yes, we are easily entertained.
Buffy, she's not smart. 
Okay, I know that is not nice to say, but she can barely find her way around the chicken pen.
The Rhode Island Reds, Ginger and Biscuit.
Fast and difficult to photograph.
Brownie.  I have renamed her Caramel Brownie.
Sylvia's sis.
Chuckles.  Cluck's sidekick...they are a pair.
And of course, Sylvia.  She still poses for me and is all attitude.
Sylvia is growing pretty blue feathers on her tail.
She's so cool!

Even Daddio gets some chick attention.  This is Chuckles having a little talk.
One evening five of the chicks (not all at the same time) hopped up in Daddio's lap to discuss chick issues.
It was so cute.
Did I have my camera?
Of course not.

Special chicks, get special treatment.
Daddio put up an outside roost for the chickadees.
They like it.
So, a few casualties, but still going strong.
Disappearing chicks?
Eggs in September?
Maybe a rooster?
Chickens are like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get.

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