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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dewey Destin, Seafood Paradise

We always head straight to Dewey Destin for our taste of Florida.
It's not's a shack...we love it.
They actually opened another site last year that is air-conditioned and fancy.
No thanks, I like the original with the open doors and no frills.
The main seating areas are on two piers jutting out from the shack. 
Daddio looks very happy.
2Groovydude and Lulu looking pretty happy also.
Food, food, we need food!
Grilled trigger fish.  I never heard of it, but it was tasty.
I got the grilled Mahi-mahi. 
I want to go back, right now!
So, I totally forgot to shoot Cole's fried shrimp basket with tons of fries and hushpuppies.
I got so distracted by my fish, I dropped the camera and chowed down.
Happy Daddio, full of Dewey Destin Seafood.
Right on the water, so fun. 
If you are ever anywhere close to this place, go there!

Love it! Crave it!


Just for Lulu:
Lulu loves Jersey Mike's.
The subs really are great.
Everything is sliced fresh after you order...mmm, tasty!

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