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Friday, June 18, 2010

Florida, Finally!

Even though, Memphis was fun, Florida was the final destination.
Okaloosa Island, right near Ft. Walton beach.
This was my first look out the balcony when we arrived. 
Dude, I don't think a wave is coming!
Beautiful, don't you think?
Daddio and 2hipchick.
Have you ever seen such big sunglasses?
What a bunch of okies.
Or couldn't you tell from the hat?
2Groovydude ready for a splash.
2Groovydude and Cole (Cole, of Lulu & Cole) relaxing in the sun.
Lulu by the dune. 
Beautiful, powdery white sand like no where else.
(Okay, just wanted to show you how my camera looked most of the trip.
So much humidity that it would take and hour for the glass to de-fog.
I don't like to touch my lens...and I left all my nifty lense cleaning devices at home.
So any clear pic, I just counted as a miracle.)
She still looks cute.
Eventually, I could get some clear shots, like my little wannabe surfer.
He's checking for a radical wave.
He's riding it in. 
So fast, I almost missed it.
Just being one with the ocean.
Of course, I know you are wondering about the oil spill, but we saw no signs of it the week we were there.
The only thing we saw was some oil-covered trash.  I guess the trash moves faster than the spill.
I felt sad many times looking at the beautiful gulf, wondering what it would be like next week or next year.
Heart breaking.
"And that's all I have to say about that."
                                -Forrest Gump

Look for my next blog of our favorite eating place in Destin, FL
It's great!

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