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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Taaa Daaa! Strawberries

Oooh! Strawberries!
This was our pickens for yesterday. 
We were getting one handful the first couple days, now a couple of handfuls.

Perfect little strawberry. 
Got this photo before it was gobbled up.
Strawberry patch.

Remember those puny little plants from just a few weeks ago? 
Well, they are going crazy now and this is in cloudy cool weather.  A few days of sunshine and we are going to have piles of berries.

You know I just like the leaves, they don't get much credit,
but they are really a great green back ground for the red berries.

Multi-colored carrots coming up. 
Can't wait to see how these are going to turn out.
I'll let you know.

Okay, can you guess what this is?
I would have never guessed.
It is a potato bloom.
Looks like something you would plant just for the beatiful flower.
Who knew?

Green beans coming around.
 Fuzzy tomato bloom photo.  Yeah, tomatoes!  I can't wait for your juicy goodness.
Bacon sandwiches, yes!
Just a little garden update.
How is your garden growing?


Fun site to browse...haven't tried any products, but these look cool.
Love my soaps.

And you know I love my bags.  These are called Flip & Tumble Eco-bags...check 'em out.

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