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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hummingbird Haven

We had a really rainy weekend, last week.  We are inside, of course, rain pouring down, thunder and lightening.  I walk through the living room and see a humming bird sitting on the back of my lawn chair. 
So, I say to Daddio,  "Gee, I should have my camera."  Walk through again, hummingbird still sitting there. What?  Go get the camera.  (You know it won't be there when I get back.) 
Hello, little hummingbird!
First I snap her through the door, because I will scare her if I open it.
Still sitting there.
I go out, she flies away.  Then she comes back!  Snapping like crazy, terrible pics with the cloud cover, changing the settings on the camera.  She is very patient.
She flies off.  So, I set up a little closer.  She comes back!  Oh my gosh, I'm so excited!  The camera is fully zoomed, because she is so small, and the pics get grainy that way.  So, she flies off and I move a little closer, sitting very still.  She's back.
See her beak, so tiny.
She's a little ruffly, shaking the water off.  I guess she is just trying to find someplace dry.
Can you believe this?  She likes me!
I spent at least 45 minutes camera stalking this bird.  She was just amazing, I wouldn't believe it happened if I didn't have these pics. 
I am saying "she" because she is very muted in color.  Sometimes I could see a little flash of red on her neck when she would fly in.  The girls are always less colorful than the males. 
What is up with that?

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