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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chicks New Digs and a Random Moth

I went out to the the chicken coop to take pics of the new additions and got totally sidetracked with this moth.
It was lying in the grass right below the nesting box.
Check out how many colors.  It is mostly beige, but when you get close up there is pink, purple, some cool blues and grays.  I could decorate a room with this stuff.  Maybe I will.  Oh, and the yellow spots peeking out like eyes.  How cool!
Little moth you are pretty.

Okay, so back to my original purpose for the trip. 
New chicks in the henhouse!
We moved the three white ones, (we don't know what they are, probably leghorns?) and two Buffies outside a couple of days ago.

So here they are...they are roosting. 
It's what chickens do.

I cut it off in this pic, but look at the crazy combs (above) these girls are already growing.
I just think chickens are funny.  They make me happy.
My family is concerned.
 Hey, don't knock it...we all have our little quirks.


 Cute, aye?  Luggage locks or whatever else you want to lock. 
The code is a word instead of numbers, easier to remember.
Love the colors!
Check it out.

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