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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fat Hungry Dog

Just thought I would give you an update on Rhubarb's diet/exercise program.
She has slimmed down some.  She also got a hair cut today, so I'm sure that helped also.
Apparently, in her hungry dieting state she has added fresh chicken to her choice of diet food.
She looks sweet doesn't she?
She's my baby.
She tried to eat Chuckles!
You know, my other baby.  And one of the first babies, so she is extra special.

So, 2Groovydude and the 2hipchick let the baby chicks out to roam in the yard. 
Daddio thinks they are in the pen.
Rhubarb makes a nuisance of herself and barks incessantly at the back door.
She feels like some chicken.
Daddio gets annoyed and lets her out.
Now, we have a large yard....2Groovydude and 2hip could see her coming.
We start scrambling.
Rhubarb's paws never touch the ground...she flies to us.
2Groovydude being young and quick grabs Cluck and begins screaming bloody murder, really.
Neighbors begin to look over fence.
2hip proceeds to...not know what to do.
Grab Chuckles...grab dog?
Okay, Chuckles...who runs headlong through the fence.  She could still fit then.
Oh yeah, safety!
Oh, no! Gate open...Rhubarb and 2hip see it at the same time.
The race is on.
Rhubarb gets Chuckles in her mouth.
2hip body slams Rhubarb and grabs her by the back of the collar.
Chuckles helps by wing flogging Rhubarb's snout.
Chuckles somehow flies away...probably the chokehold 2hip has on Rhubarb.
2Groovydude still screaming.
2hipchick gets up...wrestles dog out of pen...looks down at hand and sees blood...oh, no, not Chuckles.
Chuckles looks fine.
2hipchick sees her own blood and mud and scrapes all over her body.
Rhubarb and Chuckles...unscathed.


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