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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Gang's All Here!

The chicks are all in the coop.  All the babies are outside in the chicken hut now. 
 My babies! They are so big. 
Cluck is the boss...she's the smallest and the meanest.  She makes sure everyone is where they are supposed to be and if not, peck on the head.
Chuckles follows Cluck. 
(Be sure and read about Chuckles close call with Rhubarb teeth in next blog.)
Miss Sylvia.   Look how she has changed now that her feathers are in...very silvery.
Brownie...2Groovydude says..."Brownie turned orange." 
She is definitely not so brown anymore...maybe caramel brownie? 
I'm hungry.
Biscuit...she's photogenic.
Ginger...on the move...can never get a clear shot.
Cola?  Pepper?  Don't know, they are hard to tell apart now. 
Only 2Groovydude knows.  2Groovydude says, "Pepper."
Some of the rest of the leghorn and one Buffy.
They are professionals now.
I have not been around chickens in a long time.  The first night in the coop, Daddio had to put the newbies inside...the next night all but four not-so-bright chicks made their way in at dusk. 
The next night everybody's all in. 
Takes some chicks longer than others to catch on.
So much for instinctual actions...good thing they have Daddio.

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