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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dog Days

My dogs are driving me crazy!
Rhubarb is cranky.
Belle has decided to stay up all night and pant.
Hopefully, a little doggie tribute will get them back in my good graces.

You have to admit, when God designed a Corgi he was appealing to our funny side.
They are just quirky.
Look at the Rhubarb.
She's a sausage with little tiny legs.

I will never get tired of taking pictures of her little feet sticking out.
Today is not her normal rocket dog position.
She has tucked them together into this hilarious little package.
Her little tiny rabbit feet.
Snicker, snicker.

Oh, my Belle, Belle!
We love her, but she is in that really annoying puppy stage
where she has forgotten everything we have worked so hard
to teach her.
She has gone rogue.

She does love her bone chew. 

At least this keeps her entertained for hours,
so she can't think of other mischievous things to try. 

She gnaws for a while then stops to look adoringly at the bone, then
attacks again. 

After a fun filled day of making us all crazy, she finds her blankie,
runs around the house like a psycho dog,
then collapses on the floor for a nap.
What a life! 

Dual dog chew. 
This is about as calm as it ever gets.
They both have a bone this day, but normally they just get one,
because they end up fighting over the same bone anyway.
Belle chews for hours, then Rhubarb snatches it away.
I don't think Rhubarb really wants it.
It is just fun to take it away from Belle, in true sibling fashion. 

Bellie even has 2Groovydude annoyed with her
night-time shenanigans.
I will have to remind him of his faithful puppy who braved the blizzard with him
to check on the chickies. 
We love them.
They are keepers.
But, boy, sometimes, I wonder.

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