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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Boy Cake

You did not know that there are boy cakes and girls cakes did you?

Boy cakes involve much more preparation and design layout than girl cakes.
Discussion and drawings.
Father/Son Cake Bake for Cub scouts.

Daddio whipped up the cake and 2Groovydude
was in charge of the "making it look cool."
Daddio observes for accuracy.
More jelly beans!

The plan was not totally original, 2Groovydude found a similar cake on-line.
He added the dirt path idea however, which tasted very, very good.
It was a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon, and cocoa powder.
The dirt was the best part of the cake.
Everything on the cake was edible.
The trees are upside down ice cream cones.
Pretzels and Tootsie rolls for sticks and logs.
Graham crackers for the tent.
Chocolate covered raisins for rocks.
Jelly beans for glowing fire embers.
And of course, Goldfish crackers for the jumping fish.
Very cool, dude!

Finished product with proud participants.
At the yearly dinner for cub scouts, the cakes are put in a drawing.
The really great thing about this cake,
Ben had the winning ticket.
We got to bring it home and eat it.
It was very good, I have to say.
That's how I knew how great the dirt tasted.
Wow, I'm so proud of my boys and their Boy Cake.

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