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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring has got me Sprung!

Don't you just love a good Boston fern?
I know I do.
They make me happy.
I bought two the other day with these really cool hanging planters.
Yea, ferns!
But, oh yeah, we were talking about spring.
It is making me sick.
Allergies, you know?
I was coping for a couple of weeks and this week I crashed under the pressure.
The pressure in my head, the mucus.
Sorry, that is probably a little too descriptive for some, but
at this point, I'm laying it all out there.
The watery, itchy eyes, the stuffy nose and oh, my gosh, the sneezing!
Probably some snoring.
But that has not stopped my desire to add more blooms to the landscape.

Here is my front porch planting for this year.
Sorry, I cannot identify anything but the Dusty Miller and
Hen and chicks.
But I am showing it to you because of the Hen and Chicks.
I bought those for obvious reasons.   
Another reason is, that when everything else dies later in the season,
because I forgot to water them, the Hen and Chicks will survive. 

Succulents are so interesting.
Succulents don't need much water.
Ah, ha!

Back porch creation.
No succulents, because I remember to water the back porch plants.
Lucky plants.

Petunias, Dusty Miller, and the spiky thing in the back.
Okay, so I can't remember plant names unless I've planted them one hundred times.
In a hundred years, I will have them all down.
I walk into a plant store and it's all, "Oh, I like the pink and yellow ones!"
Sorry, to all you plant people out there.
(It's okay, the ones on the front porch are just going to die anyway.)

My little contribution to the pollen/allergy issue.
Go, flowering plants!

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