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Monday, June 20, 2011

Garden Goodness

Daddio asked 2Groovydude to help dig potatoes on Father's Day.
Of course, 2Groovydude had to accept, since it was Father's Day.
Nice and sneaky, Daddio.

So, here you have them.
This year's crop of potatoes.
Up close and personal.
Red, white and purple.
Too cute.

The only logical thing to do was make green beans and new potatoes.
And these babies are new.
Like from yesterday.
They have barely seen the light of day.
Which is bad for potatoes anyway, so cook 'em up.

This recipe is really so easy.
I had never made this until this year.
Wow, what I've been missing.
This is a tasty little dish that I found the recipe for on
The Food Network.

Southern-Style Green Beans with Bacon and New Potatoes on the Food Network

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