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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Diggin' and Hot Diggity Dogs

Was just walking by, couldn't resist.
 It is bulb planting day.
I have never had success with any bulbs.
I think the ground hogs?, gophers?, something, eats them.
I am giving it one last shot.
If these do not come up next spring...I am out of the bulb business.
Cross your fingers.
2Groovydude always up for a little diggin' in the dirt.
 I find these random photos on my camera when I do projects with 2Groovydude.
I thought this was appropriate with my "Hot Diggity Dog" title to include his extra shots.
 2Groovydude places the bulbs in a nice geometric pattern.
Iris and Allium
 More Iris in different location.
Remember the pointy end goes up.
(Another reason I have had trouble in the past.)
 Hot Diggity Dog looks on approvingly.
 My other previous mistake, I think, may be planting the bulbs too deep.
Daddio really likes to bury stuff.  Deep.
I had to beg for a shallow planting site.
Then I filled in with new soil.
I'm not taking any chances.
I want these flowers to grow.
Come on little babies, don't let Mama down.
Now we move to the garden...a little fall clean up.
 The joys of gardening are those little surprises you are not expecting.
Like digging up the garden and finding onions and potatoes that you didn't even
know were there.
We got this whole basket!
 Now how's this for fun?
Red, purple, and white potatoes.
Sweet potatoes, of course, are 2hipchick's favorite.
And a smidgen of onions.
 On to the dog part of this post.
2Groovydude and little baby Belle.
They are sooo cute.
 2Groovydude says, "It's the puppy dance."
 Rhubarb gets bored with it all quickly.
 Puppy attack!
 Smooshy face
 Nose paw
 Tuckered out little puppy.
 2Groovydude shares the love with Rhubarb.
Another day in the life with the 2hipchick.


I am sure I have mentioned before that I love coffee.
Love the smell, the taste...the whole bean.
My new favorite it Topeca coffee
In Tulsa even!
I'm gonna go there and visit.
For now, I just buy it at my grocery store, but it is right down the road.
I will, I will go there!

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