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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow! Man!

Here are some good things about snow days.
2Groovydude gets to dress in many clothes and go out and tear it up.
Captain Snow Boy
And this is before I made him add a stocking cap and wrapped a scarf around his face.
Mom's can be over protective.

The first assignment was to get those Christmas thank you cards to the mailbox.
(Because we had a snow day, we finally finished the cards.)
Another good snow day activity accomplished.

Yeah! He made it!

Captain Snow Boy has returned!

Belle was assigned snow-melt, clean-up duty.
She was very enthusiastic.

Belle and Captain Snow Boy
preparing for snow angel mission.

Go snow angel!

Belle adding her paw prints to the angel wings.

Not bad.
Think of abstract art.

Rhubarb checking out some tracks.

You've heard about yellow snow?
Don't go there.

Okay, so that is a bad thing about snow days.
Along with the fact that Captain Snow Boy
came down with a fever the next day.
I'm sure it was unrelated, but I did my best to over dress him.

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