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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spotlight: Odie Cat-dog & Odie Puppy

After living with Belle and Rhubarb together for a few months now,
I have made an observation.
Rhubarb is a cat, like Garfield and Belle is Odie.
(Refer to YouTube video above.)
Rhubarb spends all her time being annoyed at Belle and
Belle, well, she just loves Rhubarb.
Belle prances around trying to get Rhubarb to play and Rhubard is not interested.
It has been quite amusing and I've learned so much.

My dog is a cat.



And while we are comparing my critters to cartoon characters,
it could be said that Belle resembles Linus.

You know, from the Peanut's cartoons?

She loves her blankie.

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