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Friday, August 27, 2010


Can you believe it!  We got an egg!
This was a very exciting day at our house.
Sometime last week...we finally got an egg.
So that's what chickens are good for.
However, it was a tiny egg.
This is my tablespoon measure.
But isn't it sooooo cute!
Another size comparison pic. 
Regular eggs from grocery store in back and our little egg in front.
Well, you know it is just their first try.
I'm sure they will get bigger and better.
Give the girls a chance.
2Groovydude got the egg.
Here it is frying up in some yummy bacon grease.
Why is bacon so good?
Daddio cooked it.
I just take pictures.
On left is our chicky egg and right is a store egg.
See the difference in color?
Supposedly, free range eggs have this dark orange color.
And by the looks of the poop in my yard, these girls are really gettin' around on the range.
 So, here is the 2Groovydude ready to scarf down.
He says, "It is good."
Since the first egg, we have started getting more and more.
We have three hens a-laying.
We know for sure that Biscuit is the small brown.  (Daddio caught her in the act.)
The green egg (I love that egg.) is from Brownie.
And the larger brown ones are a mystery so far.  Maybe Buffy?
Way to go, girls!
Now a little chicky tribute.
The lovely Miss Cluck.
No eggs so far.
Anyway, they will probably be too tiny.
Oh, yeah!  We got a new chicken.
Thanks go out to Farmer Gibson.
Her name is Copper.  She's 8 months old.
She has given us one egg so far. (Didn't get a pic.)
Now, I think she's on vacation, cause no more eggs from her.
She's good looking, though.
I'm sure she'll come around.
Transition is hard.
Brownie and Biscuit, our little egg laying girls.
Buffy, bossy...maybe lays eggs?
One of the new chicks, Rosie. 
Little Chuckles going for a drink.
Ginger peeking at me through the nesting box door.
I like this picture.
 I just know realized that I haven't even tried one of the eggs so far.
So, see ya!
Gotta go whip up some eggs!

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I would definitely like this popcorn mix.

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