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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bird Word

Well, the word is out. 
The bird-word. 
We are a bird sactuary, haven, whatever you want to call it.
Birds like us.
We think these are wrens.  They are very tiny.
I was hopping up to take a pic of the pretty little eggs this morning
 and "Suprise!" they were already hatched.

 I think I watered the eggs for about a week before I realized they were in there.
These little tiny birds kept flying in and out of my plant?
Finally, Daddio looked in there and saw the eggs.
These little cuties were hatched in my Boston fern.

These guys are super hungry.
They grew up in my fern.
Isn't that cute?
So tell all your bird friends that we are open to the bird public.
Birds can live here, hatch babies, eat our bird food, whatever they like.
We are bird friendly and they know it.

Remember the hummingbird who posed for a photo shoot?
And we can't forget those chicks!
By the way, these little babies are huge now.
They are 4 weeks old and will be moving out to the big chick house in a couple of weeks.
(Big chick pics to come soon.)
We love our birds...and I guess they love us...because the word is out...the bird-word.

It is back-to-school time!
Check out some tips from my favo magazine Real Simple.

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