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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thoughtful Gift Idea

Okay, I'm always telling my husband that he should pick out a "thoughtful gift" for me.

Not a package of sticky notes and pens from the drugstore.

These pics are a present i gave to him for his birthday today. Ithink it is "thoughtful".

He loves his guitar, so i took some interesting photos of it. (This is the back of my leopard print blanket on the bed and pics from different angles. i was also in some different angles trying to get the shots.) I think they turned out pretty cool, hip even.

So after i took several shots i developed the pics and bought a frame and picked the ones i thought looked the best and most artsy. I am by no means a photographer, but i like to play around with my camera. this is what happened.

Notice the shadow shots (I especially like those) and the most important thing is...Daddio liked them, too. Did i mention, he loves this guitar? He is more hip than me.
Happy Birthday, Daddio. Rock on!

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